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    The effects of live streaming

    Live streaming is the new norm Seeing how major social players like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook are getting into the live streaming craze proves how much attention it is gaining. In the past, downloads are really a thing where you can watch your favourite shows anytime, anywhere. Now, with enhanced engagements, many have used convenient social platforms to promote and communicate. And hence, that’s how this whole communication thing shifted to another level. Live streaming allows people to communicate with their “idols” or people instantaneously. It cuts the waiting time short, and there you can see someone act/speak in real time. It is as though you are right beside them.…

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    How to make friends with social influencers

    The power of social influencers Q: How did you get so muscular, and wealthy? Influencer: “Oh, that’s easy, I use [brand name] + [product]!” Isn’t it powerful to have someone singing praises from their real life experiences about your product while reaching out to your target audience? This 74% of social media consumers using it to get information shows what a competitive advantage you get with influencer marketing. How do they help your brand? Through these influencers, they expose your brand to a wide range of audience,  improving your brand awareness. None of this happens when you don’t start working with an influencer. Here’s some ways you can start building…