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    Did Social Media ruin our perspective of photography?

    Without social media, how many people would actually see your images? The digital revolution has had one of the most profound effects on photography. Social media has redefined the process of photographing and videographing. The easy posting, swiping, commenting creates the impression of “easy”. With the advancements in shooting equipment, it is easier than ever to shoot, edit and print images. Now, social media has allowed sharing, commenting and screen capturing. Social media is a great way to share your photography. Popular social media platforms The best thing about social media in relation to photography is that it makes it easy for everyone to share and consume images, ideas, tips…

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    How to make friends with social influencers

    The power of social influencers Q: How did you get so muscular, and wealthy? Influencer: “Oh, that’s easy, I use [brand name] + [product]!” Isn’t it powerful to have someone singing praises from their real life experiences about your product while reaching out to your target audience? This 74% of social media consumers using it to get information shows what a competitive advantage you get with influencer marketing. How do they help your brand? Through these influencers, they expose your brand to a wide range of audience,  improving your brand awareness. None of this happens when you don’t start working with an influencer. Here’s some ways you can start building…

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    How do you become a fashion influencer?

    Influencer marketing in the fashion line The gradual invasion of the need of sharing has started the evolution of influencer marketing. This rise of social media has caused a controversy in the perspective of “influencer”. The yaysayers supports and are fans since the start of these online personalities. While we have the naysayers that quickly dismiss the efforts of pretty pictures as a genuine career. While this question of “is being an influencer a real job” exists, here are some highlights of what 3 Singapore instagram personalities has to say. *courtesy of interview by buro247. Q: How important is authenticity to you guys? Here we have Mae Tan aka @marxmae,…

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    How To Choose The Right Influencers?

    How To Choose The Right Influencers? If you are thinking of using influencer marketing, it is important to choose the right influencers to speak on behalf of your brand. It doesn’t just take one a high following and a pleasant looking face to be effective influencers of your products. If you’re having trouble finding the right fit, we’ve got you covered! Here are 4 pointers you should be taking note of.   1. Influencers Relevance: Do they fit your brand’s image? We can’t stress this enough. It is important to find someone who is of the same frequency as your brand’s image and your target audience. If you sell sportswear,…

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    Micro Influencers in Singapore

    WHO TO FOLLOW? Just a quick recap, Micro influencers are….?? If you haven’t read our previous discussion on the contrast between micro and macro influencers, you might wanna check it out here. As we dive into a deeper understanding towards micro influencers, have you wondered, “So how do I find micro-influencers in Singapore? I don’t know even their names/Instagram handle!” Well, we’ll take to take this opportunity to share some of our top picks with you, after going through an extensive search on Instagram  P.S. In no particular order out of favouritism, we’ll like to clarify that we have nothing to do with any of these influencers, and our main objective…

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    8 Online Personalities Worth Checking Out on Instagram

    Who to keep a lookout for on Instagram…? Alright, so you’re bored now, you decide to open up Instagram, scrolled through all the photos on your feed, viewed all the Instastories available, and reluctantly concede to the boredom that’s taking over you. 10 minutes later, clearly knowing you’ve just browsed it, your finger reflex unknowingly lands on the purplish rainbow square (or however you wanna describe it). Hands up, those who can relate to #boredomtakeover! You’re officially down with the InstaAddiction and you can’t help it. We totally get it. Instagram has tons of photos that fall into multitudes of categories. Pets…food…landscapes…fashion…entertainment…sports.…you name it. We’ve identified 8 personalities worth your…

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    Interesting Influencer Marketing Singapore Campaigns 2018

    What is an influencer? It can be anyone with a large following across social media platforms (such as Instagram/Facebook). It can also be a well-known blogger or even a journalist. They are always on a lookout for brands and new content to generate, brands partnering with them will far more likely gain significant credibility and increase in ROI. Interesting Influencer Marketing Singapore campaigns Instagram has freshly defined the way users browse their feeds. Its no longer based on chronological order but now delivers posts in an order that it best feels meet a user’s’ browsing pattern. NTUC income’s “Retiring” campaign Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim, who announced on her social media…