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    Understanding the Power of Influencer marketing

    The real power of Influencer marketing Brands across regions and industries are increasing their influencer spending. Influencer marketing is now the hottest social media marketing trend. If you haven’t realised the power of influencer marketing, scroll through your favourite social media feed. Do you find that there’s more sponsored content than ever? What is influencer marketing? You can find out more information here! If you are a stranger to the power of influencer marketing, here are some reasons why you should start planning now. 1. Word of mouth is very reliable People trust the opinions of their friends and family over the promotion of brands. In fact, as much as 90%…

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    Influencer marketing,  social media

    What to consider for influencer marketing?

    Influencer marketing done right The internet has made the world a smaller place and social media is  played a great part in supporting conversations. Influencer marketing is the new trend. Traditional marketing no more? We all know that traditional marketing is getting some competition with social media marketing. As compared to the older generations, young consumers especially the millennials are spending more time online than offline! The real deal is: how do you get a slice of the social media pie? Influencer marketing The secret is influencers. In recent years, influencer marketing has undergone large expansion and is redefining marketing. People are building careers on these social media platforms. Power of word…

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    Hidden relationships in Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing: Players still refuse to reveal their relationship with one another Influencer marketing. This is not something foreign. It’s been around for years. However, lately it’s a hot topic among marketers. Why is this so? Maybe we are realizing how powerful it is, especially as an alternative to traditional advertising that can be expensive and inefficient.   Misconception about influencers One of the biggest misconceptions about influencers is the label as a fad, a bubble, a waste of money. But we cannot deny that influencer marketing will remain immensely popular in 2018. Hence, it’s important to put the discussion of disclosure in the context of just how important this…

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    Picking the right influencers as story tellers

    Picking the right influencers Influencer marketing has risen in popularity among brands in recent times. Marketers are noticeably appreciating the value of influencers in raising brand awareness, creating authentic content and driving engagement. While marketers continue to invest in this space, according to a recent report, only 36% of marketers feel their influencer marketing efforts are effective. Experience of engaging with an influencer Brands with many rich stories to tell around heritage, craftsmanship and inspiration can translate really well on social platforms like Instagram. Working with influencers to tell a brand’s story can really bring the brand to life. What to look for when choosing an influencer? Selecting the right…

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    Ways to Make Your Next Instagram Marketing Campaign Work

    How to make your instagram marketing campaign work? Firstly: Instagram is a social media platform where users can express themselves by sharing photos along with captions. For many businesses, Instagram is a meaningful opportunity to generate communicating opportunities. While 86% of the top brands are already on Instagram, many organisations have yet to really understand this function. Here’s why you should join Instagram: Compared to other platforms, brands that post content on Instagram receive 15 times more engagement than content shared on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Are you interested to hear more? Here’s 11 pointers for you to check to ensure that your Instagram marketing campaign has the best…

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    Getting to know influencer marketing

    Influencer marketing 101 Sharing her views on marketing with stints previously at ESPN Star Sports and BBC Worldwide (Hollywood), Debbe Lin, brand solutions manager of Brave Bison, a social video agency on multi-platforms is one successful story. The evolution of online marketing is a stark contrast to her previous job scope. Now, she creates video campaigns and helps brands pair with influencers. Her job is simply concluded to paid brands with influencers and connect them to create content. Job scope From pairing, conceptualisation to actual production, Brave Bison cares for them all. In her interview with lifestyleasia, her passion for online video marketing brims through her facial experessions as they…

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    How influencer marketing redefined the marketing eco-system?

    Power of influencer marketing on social media You might be aware of the power of social media marketing for your brand, but how many of you actually know how to use it effectively? Many brands goes to various influencers to engage them. Even so, last year, 84 percent of marketers declared that working with an influencer was in their pipeline for 2018. Now, with these 2 words being thrown out a lot during business meetings, it is fair for us to say that 2018 is the year for influencer marketing breakthrough. The ability to choose is important Consumers are given a choice to follow the personalities that best suit them on…

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    Power of influencer marketing

    What is Influencer marketing all about? Unlike regular passive advertising approach, where people have the choice to ignore or take it with the obvious intention to sell. Influencer advertising is like a recommendation by the friend who you trust. It is that extra “oh, I didn’t know” that pushes your purchase decision. Social media in Singapore Singaporean social media usage statistics are at a skyhigh. The country also trump global smartphone penetration, with a ratio of 9 in 10 having access to a smartphone. Therefore, really, the way to own a successful business in Singapore is through social media. The fastest route is engage social influencers, and inspire through these…

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    Influencer marketing: 2018 edition

    Influencer marketing: The power of word of mouth Recommendations from family and friends rank first as the most trusted advertising format. Two-thirds of people trust consumer opinions online.  What makes the foundation of a successful influencer campaign? If you think the three foundations for a successful influencer campaign are reach, relevance and engagements, then you are wrong. The advertising landscape is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. People are continuously attemptting to outdo themselves in consumer interactions. Now with connectivity and convenience, we access information mainly on phones. In this world of choices, it can be difficult for brands to decide where to start placing the budget. Let’s start from…

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    Do’s & Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

    What to DO…..what NOT to do…? I guess most of us know how the influencer industry works…..but do you know them well enough? Here are some do’s and don’ts about influencer marketing you should take note of if you’re thinking of engaging one of em’! DO’s 1. Choose your influencer wisely   You wouldn’t wanna choose any Tom, Dick, or Harry to speak on behalf of your brand. Find someone that your brand can relate closely to, and vice versa, one that could relate closely to your brand. It is important to find a suitable fit that could relay the accurate message you would like to send across to your target…