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    Understanding the Power of Influencer marketing

    The real power of Influencer marketing Brands across regions and industries are increasing their influencer spending. Influencer marketing is now the hottest social media marketing trend. If you haven’t realised the power of influencer marketing, scroll through your favourite social media feed. Do you find that there’s more sponsored content than ever? What is influencer marketing? You can find out more information here! If you are a stranger to the power of influencer marketing, here are some reasons why you should start planning now. 1. Word of mouth is very reliable People trust the opinions of their friends and family over the promotion of brands. In fact, as much as 90%…

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    Getting to know influencer marketing

    Influencer marketing 101 Sharing her views on marketing with stints previously at ESPN Star Sports and BBC Worldwide (Hollywood), Debbe Lin, brand solutions manager of Brave Bison, a social video agency on multi-platforms is one successful story. The evolution of online marketing is a stark contrast to her previous job scope. Now, she creates video campaigns and helps brands pair with influencers. Her job is simply concluded to paid brands with influencers and connect them to create content. Job scope From pairing, conceptualisation to actual production, Brave Bison cares for them all. In her interview with lifestyleasia, her passion for online video marketing brims through her facial experessions as they…