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    Integration of Hootsuite and Pinterest

    Hootsuite and Pinterest- New tools to celebrate Hootsuite, known for Instagram direct scheduling application, can now send those photos to even more networks- now on Pinterest.  Pinterest & Hootsuite Recently, Hootsuite announced native integration with Pinterest, a new partnership that will allow users to post and schedule to the network along with accessing analytics on post reach. Along with the partnership, the integration is supported with a number of different compatible tools. Integration The Pinterest integration will come into play inside Hootsuite’s existing dashboard. This means Pinterest can be managed right alongside Hootsuite’s other supported networks. Which includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and WordPress. Networks Integration The Pinterest…

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    How Can Brands Turn Social Media Crises Into Opportunities

    Social media crises into opportunities? Trolls have the power to destroy your brand image, and you as a brand have the opportunity to set it right with an efficient social media campaign Now is the time where an influencer’s popularity is measured by the numbers on their social media profile. How many followers do they have on Instagram? How many likes on their posts, etc… These are the questions that define the brand and its relationship with its audience when they choose to work with them. These are the times when a customer interacts with the brand on social media too. Negative reviews which can go viral on social media,…

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    Ways to Make Your Next Instagram Marketing Campaign Work

    How to make your instagram marketing campaign work? Firstly: Instagram is a social media platform where users can express themselves by sharing photos along with captions. For many businesses, Instagram is a meaningful opportunity to generate communicating opportunities. While 86% of the top brands are already on Instagram, many organisations have yet to really understand this function. Here’s why you should join Instagram: Compared to other platforms, brands that post content on Instagram receive 15 times more engagement than content shared on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Are you interested to hear more? Here’s 11 pointers for you to check to ensure that your Instagram marketing campaign has the best…

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    The effects of live streaming

    Live streaming is the new norm Seeing how major social players like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook are getting into the live streaming craze proves how much attention it is gaining. In the past, downloads are really a thing where you can watch your favourite shows anytime, anywhere. Now, with enhanced engagements, many have used convenient social platforms to promote and communicate. And hence, that’s how this whole communication thing shifted to another level. Live streaming allows people to communicate with their “idols” or people instantaneously. It cuts the waiting time short, and there you can see someone act/speak in real time. It is as though you are right beside them.…

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    Getting to know influencer marketing

    Influencer marketing 101 Sharing her views on marketing with stints previously at ESPN Star Sports and BBC Worldwide (Hollywood), Debbe Lin, brand solutions manager of Brave Bison, a social video agency on multi-platforms is one successful story. The evolution of online marketing is a stark contrast to her previous job scope. Now, she creates video campaigns and helps brands pair with influencers. Her job is simply concluded to paid brands with influencers and connect them to create content. Job scope From pairing, conceptualisation to actual production, Brave Bison cares for them all. In her interview with lifestyleasia, her passion for online video marketing brims through her facial experessions as they…

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    How to make friends with social influencers

    The power of social influencers Q: How did you get so muscular, and wealthy? Influencer: “Oh, that’s easy, I use [brand name] + [product]!” Isn’t it powerful to have someone singing praises from their real life experiences about your product while reaching out to your target audience? This 74% of social media consumers using it to get information shows what a competitive advantage you get with influencer marketing. How do they help your brand? Through these influencers, they expose your brand to a wide range of audience,  improving your brand awareness. None of this happens when you don’t start working with an influencer. Here’s some ways you can start building…

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    How influencer marketing redefined the marketing eco-system?

    Power of influencer marketing on social media You might be aware of the power of social media marketing for your brand, but how many of you actually know how to use it effectively? Many brands goes to various influencers to engage them. Even so, last year, 84 percent of marketers declared that working with an influencer was in their pipeline for 2018. Now, with these 2 words being thrown out a lot during business meetings, it is fair for us to say that 2018 is the year for influencer marketing breakthrough. The ability to choose is important Consumers are given a choice to follow the personalities that best suit them on…

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    How do you become a fashion influencer?

    Influencer marketing in the fashion line The gradual invasion of the need of sharing has started the evolution of influencer marketing. This rise of social media has caused a controversy in the perspective of “influencer”. The yaysayers supports and are fans since the start of these online personalities. While we have the naysayers that quickly dismiss the efforts of pretty pictures as a genuine career. While this question of “is being an influencer a real job” exists, here are some highlights of what 3 Singapore instagram personalities has to say. *courtesy of interview by buro247. Q: How important is authenticity to you guys? Here we have Mae Tan aka @marxmae,…

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    Power of influencer marketing

    What is Influencer marketing all about? Unlike regular passive advertising approach, where people have the choice to ignore or take it with the obvious intention to sell. Influencer advertising is like a recommendation by the friend who you trust. It is that extra “oh, I didn’t know” that pushes your purchase decision. Social media in Singapore Singaporean social media usage statistics are at a skyhigh. The country also trump global smartphone penetration, with a ratio of 9 in 10 having access to a smartphone. Therefore, really, the way to own a successful business in Singapore is through social media. The fastest route is engage social influencers, and inspire through these…

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    Influencer marketing: 2018 edition

    Influencer marketing: The power of word of mouth Recommendations from family and friends rank first as the most trusted advertising format. Two-thirds of people trust consumer opinions online.  What makes the foundation of a successful influencer campaign? If you think the three foundations for a successful influencer campaign are reach, relevance and engagements, then you are wrong. The advertising landscape is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. People are continuously attemptting to outdo themselves in consumer interactions. Now with connectivity and convenience, we access information mainly on phones. In this world of choices, it can be difficult for brands to decide where to start placing the budget. Let’s start from…