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    What’s the difference between Instagram stories and feed for Consumers?

    Instagram stories vs feed Instagram now has a billion monthly active users, as a marketer, it is good to understand what’s the difference, between how your target audience view Instagram Stories vs feed! Facebook knows what you need That’s why Facebook did a research and surveyed almost 10,000 people who use Instagram at least once a week from Brazil, Indonesia, the UK and the US. The research is summarised into a report which is linked at the bottom of this article. Their insights are really some good directional tips and below are some of the highlights.  Instagram stories vs feed People use Stories for more immediate, off-the-cuff content, while the feed…

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    What to consider for influencer marketing?

    Influencer marketing done right The internet has made the world a smaller place and social media is  played a great part in supporting conversations. Influencer marketing is the new trend. Traditional marketing no more? We all know that traditional marketing is getting some competition with social media marketing. As compared to the older generations, young consumers especially the millennials are spending more time online than offline! The real deal is: how do you get a slice of the social media pie? Influencer marketing The secret is influencers. In recent years, influencer marketing has undergone large expansion and is redefining marketing. People are building careers on these social media platforms. Power of word…

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    Shopping on Instagram: See, tap and shop

    Shopping on Instagram Facebook-owned Instagram is making its Stories shoppable. Brands can now give customers a new way to shop. How to shop on Instagram? (credits: Instagram blog) Shopping on Instagram turns your business into a visual storefront for the user community of one billion to explore your best products with a single tap. Seamless shopping Simple post creation Tagging products is easy. Choose photos you’d like to feature, tag up to five products per image or up to twenty products per carousel, add filters or captions and you’re good to go. You can also save drafts or preview your posts. It’s really like how you would tag your friends…

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    Did Social Media ruin our perspective of photography?

    Without social media, how many people would actually see your images? The digital revolution has had one of the most profound effects on photography. Social media has redefined the process of photographing and videographing. The easy posting, swiping, commenting creates the impression of “easy”. With the advancements in shooting equipment, it is easier than ever to shoot, edit and print images. Now, social media has allowed sharing, commenting and screen capturing. Social media is a great way to share your photography. Popular social media platforms The best thing about social media in relation to photography is that it makes it easy for everyone to share and consume images, ideas, tips…

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    Hidden relationships in Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing: Players still refuse to reveal their relationship with one another Influencer marketing. This is not something foreign. It’s been around for years. However, lately it’s a hot topic among marketers. Why is this so? Maybe we are realizing how powerful it is, especially as an alternative to traditional advertising that can be expensive and inefficient.   Misconception about influencers One of the biggest misconceptions about influencers is the label as a fad, a bubble, a waste of money. But we cannot deny that influencer marketing will remain immensely popular in 2018. Hence, it’s important to put the discussion of disclosure in the context of just how important this…

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    8 Things People Don’t Tell You About Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing: Broken down   We have compiled eight secrets that are not mentioned in this industry as follows: 1. There is no easier way Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. The main thing people don’t tell you about social media is that there really are no shortcuts or “hacks”. It takes a lot of effort and analysis into growing an authentic, engaged profile. It is important to keep trying and testing- especially in getting to know your audience. None of this happens overnight. The only way to guarantee success is through consistent application of a strong social media strategy! 2. It is not as easy as…

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    8 Online Personalities Worth Checking Out on Instagram

    Who to keep a lookout for on Instagram…? Alright, so you’re bored now, you decide to open up Instagram, scrolled through all the photos on your feed, viewed all the Instastories available, and reluctantly concede to the boredom that’s taking over you. 10 minutes later, clearly knowing you’ve just browsed it, your finger reflex unknowingly lands on the purplish rainbow square (or however you wanna describe it). Hands up, those who can relate to #boredomtakeover! You’re officially down with the InstaAddiction and you can’t help it. We totally get it. Instagram has tons of photos that fall into multitudes of categories. Pets…food…landscapes…fashion…entertainment…sports.…you name it. We’ve identified 8 personalities worth your…