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    Understanding the Power of Influencer marketing

    The real power of Influencer marketing Brands across regions and industries are increasing their influencer spending. Influencer marketing is now the hottest social media marketing trend. If you haven’t realised the power of influencer marketing, scroll through your favourite social media feed. Do you find that there’s more sponsored content than ever? What is influencer marketing? You can find out more information here! If you are a stranger to the power of influencer marketing, here are some reasons why you should start planning now. 1. Word of mouth is very reliable People trust the opinions of their friends and family over the promotion of brands. In fact, as much as 90%…

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    Ways to Make Your Next Instagram Marketing Campaign Work

    How to make your instagram marketing campaign work? Firstly: Instagram is a social media platform where users can express themselves by sharing photos along with captions. For many businesses, Instagram is a meaningful opportunity to generate communicating opportunities. While 86% of the top brands are already on Instagram, many organisations have yet to really understand this function. Here’s why you should join Instagram: Compared to other platforms, brands that post content on Instagram receive 15 times more engagement than content shared on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Are you interested to hear more? Here’s 11 pointers for you to check to ensure that your Instagram marketing campaign has the best…

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    How influencer marketing redefined the marketing eco-system?

    Power of influencer marketing on social media You might be aware of the power of social media marketing for your brand, but how many of you actually know how to use it effectively? Many brands goes to various influencers to engage them. Even so, last year, 84 percent of marketers declared that working with an influencer was in their pipeline for 2018. Now, with these 2 words being thrown out a lot during business meetings, it is fair for us to say that 2018 is the year for influencer marketing breakthrough. The ability to choose is important Consumers are given a choice to follow the personalities that best suit them on…

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    Why Influencer Marketing? Does it Work?

    Why Influencer Marketing? Does it Work? | Influencer Marketing: “A form of marketing strategy that identifies and targets individuals with an influencer over customers” | We’re pretty sure influencer marketing has evolved itself into commonality by now. We are no longer surprised to see advertisement posts by our favorite personalities on Instagram/YouTubers. (Familiar sight? This is part of Instagram’s initiative to regulate the influencer industry on their platform by standardizing the declaration of sponsored posts) Some of us might be extremely doubtful about these sponsored posts. We have an idea that influencers are sharing these content just to get paid. Well, we can’t deny, such individuals do exist. You just…

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    The Contrast Between Micro and Macro Influencers

    Micro and Macro Influencers…any difference? As influencer marketing is getting more popular, we must first understand the different tiers in influencer industry. There are celebrities, micro and macro influencers. Celebrities category is pretty much understandable. In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between micro and macro influencers. What do you think of when you hear the term “Micro-Influencers?” If you do a direct translate, you’ll probably end up with “small-scale influencers”, and does that mean macro-influencers are “large-scale influencers”? You’re almost there. The big question is, “Why do we have to differentiate between micro/macro influencers? Aren’t they all just Influencers? Macro-Influencers These are the well-known influencers who has…

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    Interesting Influencer Marketing Singapore Campaigns 2018

    What is an influencer? It can be anyone with a large following across social media platforms (such as Instagram/Facebook). It can also be a well-known blogger or even a journalist. They are always on a lookout for brands and new content to generate, brands partnering with them will far more likely gain significant credibility and increase in ROI. Interesting Influencer Marketing Singapore campaigns Instagram has freshly defined the way users browse their feeds. Its no longer based on chronological order but now delivers posts in an order that it best feels meet a user’s’ browsing pattern. NTUC income’s “Retiring” campaign Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim, who announced on her social media…