Influencer Marketing for Business

Packed with the latest insights and updates of Social Media. Programs are taught by the experts in Influencer Marketing.

Who is it for?

This program is specially catered for any businesses that are interested or looking out to expand and widen their business reach using Social Media Platforms. 

Why Social Media?

Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, as well as boosting your leads and sales with the help of Social Media Influencers.


Why Influencers?

It is proven that Social Media Influencers can motivate their followers into taking actions such as purchasing products/services they promote. The reason is simple, their followers follow them based on trust and therefore are willing to take action.

Influencer Marketing Academy (1)

How to Reach Out

A starting point for Influencer Marketing, covering ways to reach out to influencers correctly.

Manage influencers

Learn to manage Influencers so that the content produced will be aligned with your business direction.


Installed with techniques on how to properly negotiate with Influencers so that you can stay within the budget yet produce good quality content.

Measuring Success

Ensure that your campaign is on the right track and produce analysis for your next campaign.

Maintaining Relationship

Tips and tricks to maintain long-term relationships with Influencers.

Required Qualifications