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Understanding the Power of Influencer marketing

The real power of Influencer marketing

Brands across regions and industries are increasing their influencer spending. Influencer marketing is now the hottest social media marketing trend. If you haven’t realised the power of influencer marketing, scroll through your favourite social media feed. Do you find that there’s more sponsored content than ever?

What is influencer marketing? You can find out more information here!

If you are a stranger to the power of influencer marketing, here are some reasons why you should start planning now.

1. Word of mouth is very reliable

word of mouth marketing, power of influencer marketing

People trust the opinions of their friends and family over the promotion of brands. In fact, as much as 90% of consumers claim they value recommendations from people they know. This is the biggest advatages of social media, and this is where influencers are at. The success of influencers lies in the trust they have with their audience, where they can impact buying decisions.

2. Social media influencers have established trust and loyalty

social media influencers, influencer marketing, power of influencer marketing

The trust and reliability they have built with their audience is the true value of influencer marketing. In an atmosphere where only 4% of consumers declare trust in marketing and advertising, the ability to speak to your audience through someone they trust is an essential marketing tool

3. Don’t miss out in the marketing game

As we have mentioned, many brands are already in this game. Many marketers have already tapped into the potential of social media influencers. If you’re not one of them yet, it’s time to embark on the search for the social media influencer that best fits your brand.

4. Attract with authenticity through the power of influencer marketing

influencer marketing

Internet users are growing increasingly frustrated with online ads, as reflected in the rising popularity of ad blockers. Social media influencers with both a dedicated audience and the great understanding of their audience can help you overcome this trend. Influencers’ content is highly personalized even when they’re advertising. It is also important to let influencers work their magic without much restrictions to avoid sponsored posts putting audiences off.

5. Deliver message to your target audience

You need to know your audience to find your Influencers. Know what you want, and then slowly filter the influencers that fit into the categories. Their accounts are like magnets with niche communities in one place. This is great, as influencers marketing can ensure that your audience hit rate is 100%.


Regardless of the industry or region, social media influencers will surely help you meet your social media marketing goals with a unique touch. For this reason, we encourage you to find the perfect influencer for your brand! 

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