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Influencer Marketing Strategies for Saturated Markets

Influencer marketing strategies

Influencer marketing has opened up new opportunities for you to capture a wider audience and build new networks. According to AdWeek, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and family over branded advertising or content. This really shows the power of influencer marketing. 

Over-saturated influencer market

Everyone wants your attention. How do you engage and attract influencers in noisy markets?

Here are three ways that will increase the performance of your influencer marketing efforts. Do not forget that this is a slow game, but every extra effort adds value to your influencer marketing strategies.

2. BE A u t h e n t i c

Structured and systematic approaches quickly become saturated. And consumers are great at recognising such advertisements. This is exactly what has happened with influencer marketing over the last 18 months. And it’s really easy for people to swipe away your ad within 1 second. You have to make an impression first. You do not want to go down the road of being assumed as misleading and dishonest.

The message is simple: If you use the same approach as everyone else, you’re going to get ignored. 

Focus on your consumers

That’s where you can find the influencers to connect with your target audience. Essentially, if the influencer can get their following talking about your brand, it’s a win for you. 

Locate your consumers

Start by finding out where their attention is. This is where the question of which platform they are using comes in. Once you got that figured out, use those platforms in the context to find those influencers famous there. Do this in a way that adds value. 

Adding value relates back to being authentic. You can find influencers that share brand affinity with yours, so their sharing will seem more relatable and real.

Analyze the content they are sharing with their audience and provide them with more of that. This helps to build your working relationship into a positive one. 

Don’t try hard to be authentic. Join a conversation only if it makes sense to do so. If you have nothing to contribute, then don’t do it. Stick to what you know. 

2. Plan before you act

influencer marketing strategies, social media marketing, influencer marketing campaign, influencer marketing ideas

Plan before executing on tactics is the most important first step to influencer marketing strategies. Never skip this step as influencer marketing is more complicated than it seems. The worst impact is partnering with the wrong influencers, hence missing your ROI.

How to find the right influencers?

influencer marketing strategies, influencer marketing campaigns, influencer marketing ideas, influencer marketing, influencers sg, social media marketing

Finding the right audiences is a key first step to influencer marketing. Finding out the right audience before identifying influencers is the best way to approach this challenge. It doesn’t matter as long as your goals align with the needs of the influencer audience.

You know your customers the best. Map out your target customers by age, interests and locations. Use this information to filter influencers where they must have access to this audience.

Remember that an approach like this requires a manual effort as well as automated tools. BuzzSumo can be used to search for the most popular content around a keyword. Use the Influencers feature in BuzzSumo to reveal potential targets based on a certain keyword.


3. Add value to your customers

influencer marketing strategies, influencer marketing campaigns, influencer marketing ideas, influencer marketing, influencers sg, social media marketing

As easy as “adding value” could be, it requires manual effort and a sharp attention to detail. These are the techniques that will really help you really stand out from the crowd. They go beyond mere comments, shares and likes.

Once you have rolled out your filtered influencers, you got to start monitoring them to ensure their perfect fit.

Through this, you can discover more about them. From their favourite food, lifestyle, activities. This knowledge gives you the power to surprise and delight them in a way that demonstrates authenticity. You make an impression among your competitors with this extra effort. 


Do not forget that Influencers are usually either promoting their products and services or pushing out their own content. They’re already busy enough with their work. It’s hard to get their attention! 

One way to attract them could be mentioning them in your content. Maybe a post on your business profile to feature them? This might help them get their message to a wider audience. A feature is always good as it speeds up the engagement process.

Affinity among network

You can also suggest connections with people in your network. If a mutually beneficial opportunity exists, reach out to both the influencer and your own connection, gaining permission to make an introduction. 

Relationships are built one-to-one. Getting to the “intimacy” stage of relationship building requires going deeper.


If you’re looking for influencer marketing shortcuts, no amount of techniques or tactics are going to help you. Selecting an approach that goes the extra mile, will help you cut through the noise. True relationships are built with hardwork and patience.

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