influencer marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing campaign
Influencer marketing,  social media

What to consider for influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing done right

The internet has made the world a smaller place and social media is  played a great part in supporting conversations. Influencer marketing is the new trend.

Traditional marketing no more?

traditional marketing, traditional marketing campaign, social media, influencer marketing, influencer marketing campaign

We all know that traditional marketing is getting some competition with social media marketing. As compared to the older generations, young consumers especially the millennials are spending more time online than offline!

The real deal is: how do you get a slice of the social media pie?

Influencer marketing

The secret is influencers. In recent years, influencer marketing has undergone large expansion and is redefining marketing. People are building careers on these social media platforms.

Power of word of mouth marketing

word of mouth, influencer marketing

They are successful because they are natural. Many influencer build their name through sharing their personal experiences. It’s as though building a friendship,  establishing a credible and reliable image with their audience. This fact alone attracts marketers for their influencer marketing campaigns.

Building a successful influencer marketing campaign

The numbers is not really the main goal. Simply partnering with the most popular social media influencers may not translate to success. You need to know your products and audience well to make sure that your campaign is aligned with your brand.

Here’s some tips for your next influencer marketing campaign.

1. Know your audience

social media, influencer marketing campaign

This is important. You are planning a campaign for someone, so find out who are your target consumer audience. 

2. Where are they?

You have to understand where the money is for your business. Consumers of different age groups are on various social media channels. For example, if your consumer base has a younger average age, look for them on Instagram. Facebook cater to more older social media users.

To form a successful partnership with an influencer, marketers must be aware of where their audience is. You wouldn’t want to spend $5,000 on a Instagram influencer marketing campaign, but your consumer base is primary on Facebook. The last thing you want is to miss your target audience. You will not regret holding a target audience research and analyses!

2. Not everything is about the numbers

influencer marketing, social media marketing

You need to find an influencer with an engaged audience. Pick them by relevance and engagement,  therefore choosing one with million subscribers does not guarantee a successful campaign.

Know your budget well

Once you have a targer, you can start looking for influencers within the figure.

Consider relevance and engagement rates

This includes influencers that involve their audiences in their content. Do not forget the role of an influencer. They are supposed to entice their viewers with entertainment and “useful” content.

Viewers who feel valued will continue to follow that influencer. And you, as a brand will be able to hook into that trust. A strong review from an influencer could be the publicity and credibility boost a product needs to get to the next level.

3. Does your online image match?

social media, influencer marketing

If your brand fits the style of the influencer, your product will resonate much better with viewers and increase sales.

Influencers within the field establishes credibility with their knowledge in the area. To maximise the bang for your buck, do research to ensure the complement of image.

Placing your product with influencers, which provides sound, fundamental content, will have more impact on the audience. 

Influencers are some of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses, but they can be misused and under-analyzed. Take the time to discover what is best for your company when choosing an influencer and you’ll be able to capture the key younger demographic.

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