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8 Things People Don’t Tell You About Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing: Broken down

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We have compiled eight secrets that are not mentioned in this industry as follows:

1. There is no easier way

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Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. The main thing people don’t tell you about social media is that there really are no shortcuts or “hacks”. It takes a lot of effort and analysis into growing an authentic, engaged profile.

It is important to keep trying and testing- especially in getting to know your audience. None of this happens overnight. The only way to guarantee success is through consistent application of a strong social media strategy!

2. It is not as easy as it seems

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If you think social media marketing is just about throwing a picture with a cute caption online, you’re nowhere close.

To develop a good profile, you have to analyse, adjust, learn and adapt according to your statistics.

The pictures and word you throw in creating content ties closely together with working out when to post, what to post, if it makes sense and if it’s working.

It really is a job with many facets – and it’s the furthest thing from simply posting random updates.

3. The numbers are not measure of success

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You can’t compare your brand to others all the time – remember. Rapid growth in followers can be that huge amounts of money are dumped into ads, or fake followers and engagement. The profile is really the outermost shell of what’s actually happening behind the scenes.

Success lies in many different factors, and is defined differently for each brand.

Be clear of your goals

Be clear on your short and long-term goals, and stay focused on what you’re doing. Don’t forget to analyse your results to find out if your efforts are delivering the desired results.

What’s more valuable – 10,000 followers or 1,000 who actually engage with you, and will go on to become actual, paying customers? The numbers don’t always tell the tale, slow and steady wins the race!

4. The Industry is Saturated

Always be aware that this industry is saturated- for both businesses and users.

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Some individuals or businesses will claim they can “do social media” and they’re really just full of one-off tactics that can’t deliver consistent results.

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Also, with the rise of the social media influencers, some have come to believe that because they’ve grown their own following that they can simply do the same for others – which is not always the case.

Regardless of what category you belong to, one advice to you is to keep doing great work, continue to learn and grow your craft. Also, the most important thing is to recognize and uphold your value.

4. A Lot of Time Goes into Engagement

In 2018, with all the accounts out there, social media is about far more than just pretty pictures.

You need to actually set time aside to engage with your audience. Like photos, leave comments, take part in the conversation. This all takes time and energy – but it’s the best way to work with the various algorithms (as opposed to losing out against them).

5. Not Everything can be Directly Tracked

Your post is not guaranteed to go viral if you include specific ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ elements- that’s not the case.

There are best practices, and various strategies and tactics that will help your accounts perform the best they can, but you have to remember that social media is based on people, and people change.

People are unpredictable, and therefore certain things just can’t be boiled down to a prescriptive process. Everything is dependent on a range of factors, which are often completely different for different brands. It is customisation down to the core of your brand value and direction.

6. Hard work matters

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Another side to this is tracking. A follower may not come into your establishment directly after seeing a post. You may have made an impression as they might have seen your brand and/or offer several times. But it takes longer for them to become familiar with your offerings, and then happen to think of you in a specific circumstance- and eventually be a paying customer.

One tip is to remember that it’s not always linear, it’s not always predictable.

But you’ll establish your own best practices along the way.

7. Nothing is stagnant

It’s scary how quick the social media landscape can change.

Application updates

Beyond new platform updates, there are a lot of things that regularly change in the back end, that you may not necessarily be aware of. Algorithms are often updated, functionalities change, product offerings cease to exist. It is crucial to keep up with all these things to ensure the best in market practices, and the best outcomes in the market.

8. Creative help is important

Some social media campaigns require more creative than you think. The know-how to create may be lacking and that’s okay. Just make sure you give them a budget that allows for hiring the right creatives to help achieve the overall vision – or understand the limitations they have on their capacity.


Social media marketing is so much more than just posting a picture and matching it with a few hashtags – a serious social media marketing professional offers a lot more than that. 

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