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Picking the right influencers as story tellers

Picking the right influencers

Influencer marketing has risen in popularity among brands in recent times. Marketers are noticeably appreciating the value of influencers in raising brand awareness, creating authentic content and driving engagement. While marketers continue to invest in this space, according to a recent report, only 36% of marketers feel their influencer marketing efforts are effective.

Experience of engaging with an influencer

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Brands with many rich stories to tell around heritage, craftsmanship and inspiration can translate really well on social platforms like Instagram. Working with influencers to tell a brand’s story can really bring the brand to life.

What to look for when choosing an influencer?

Selecting the right influencer is key to the success of any campaign. Influencer identification can be considered as an art form.

  • Review the demographic data of all profiles

This is to understand exactly who their audience is in terms of gender, age range, geographic locations and interests. You want to make the most of your buck, so it is important to make sure that you are speaking to your target group.

  • Engagement rate

This is a super important factor when selecting influencers (in many cases much more than reach). As the higher the engagement rate, the more organic visibility and impact the content will have.

  • The look and feel

Ask yourself: what is the influencer’s style? Does it match your brand story?

  • Content styles

This is important to ensure the type of content you are looking to create would fit naturally into the influencers’ feed. For example, if they post a lot of selfies but you are looking to launch a storytelling touching campaign… Then, maybe they might not be the right fit.

Is influencer marketing ineffective?

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There is some still uncertainty because influencer marketing is still such a new area for many brands. The industry is less than five years old! People grow with experience, and according to a study, there were only an estimated 200 people in the world with more than two years of experience. With so little knowledge, many brands are uncertain how to proceed, the results to expect and how much to invest.

Luxury brands in particular can be especially sceptical and late to adopt new approaches, particularly those that they consider will need careful managing to ensure they retain their exclusivity.

Development of influencer marketing over the next few years

2018 is a really exciting time for influencer marketing and the industry has definitely not peaked yet!

Integrated approach to influencer marketing

With influencers being further utilised by brands as ambassadors, photographers, stylists and models.

Rise in micro influencers

Especially when brands really start to understand the value of communicating directly with niche audiences.

Further diversification on influencer profiles

For example,’Kidfluencers’ is a new and emerging area of influencer marketing and is delivering really strong results. Who knows the industry will become more professionalised over time!

Technological developments

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Avatars are some of the biggest influencers in the market, as seen in many big movies. More exploration on virtual reality will soon to come.

Voice based technologies

Like how snapchat is going into voice based tech to have presence on this medium and on social.

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