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Integration of Hootsuite and Pinterest

Hootsuite and Pinterest- New tools to celebrate

Hootsuite, known for Instagram direct scheduling application, can now send those photos to even more networks- now on Pinterest. 

Pinterest & Hootsuite

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Recently, Hootsuite announced native integration with Pinterest, a new partnership that will allow users to post and schedule to the network along with accessing analytics on post reach. Along with the partnership, the integration is supported with a number of different compatible tools.


The Pinterest integration will come into play inside Hootsuite’s existing dashboard. This means Pinterest can be managed right alongside Hootsuite’s other supported networks. Which includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and WordPress.

Networks Integration

The Pinterest integration is available as one of the three social networks included in the free plan, while additional networks, advanced analytics and other tools are part of Hootsuite’s subscriptions.

Penny Wilson, chief marketing officer of Hootsuite said that they are “excited to bring to life the full native integration of Pinterest into the Hootsuite platform to empower organizations to harness the power of human connection with their customers at scale”

Why Pinterest & Prospects

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Photos formats are growing on social. The the visual appeal of Pinterest has proven to be a strong ecommerce sales driver for consumer and lifestyle brands. Hootsuite noted Pinterest’s 200 million monthly active users and 40 percent annual growth. It was one of the reasons behind the integration.

Hootsuites’ strategic partnership with Pinterest increases their potential in advancing as an industry leader. Customers, large and small, can now strategically grow their brands, businesses, and customer relationships socially.


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The integration comes just a few weeks after Pinterest launched updated business profiles. The social network’s latest updates focus on organization with a feed for only followed boards and Pinners, a change that followed Pinterest Sections; as well as enhancements to Pinterest Lens.

Hootsuite boasts more than 16 million users, making it the most widely used option for managing social media. The native Pinterest integration follows the company’s addition of scheduling posts on Instagram, a feature enabled by updates to Instagram’s API.

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