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How Can Brands Turn Social Media Crises Into Opportunities

Social media crises into opportunities?

Trolls have the power to destroy your brand image, and you as a brand have the opportunity to set it right with an efficient social media campaign

Now is the time where an influencer’s popularity is measured by the numbers on their social media profile. How many followers do they have on Instagram? How many likes on their posts, etc… These are the questions that define the brand and its relationship with its audience when they choose to work with them.

These are the times when a customer interacts with the brand on social media too. Negative reviews which can go viral on social media, encouraging more to come out of hiding and talk about the brand can be deadly. Haven’t we all witnessed these bad publicity? In such situations, brands have to be careful and ensure they deal with it right. Bad publicity possess the power to destroy your brand image. On the flip side, you as a brand have the opportunity to set it right with an efficient social media campaign.

Now you must be wondering how can you turn around a negative review where freedom for speech is an exclusivity a user’s enjoy to express their thoughts.

The mighty social media

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Bad publicity may result in an unplanned campaign in your favour. Users may be ready to trust you again because of the company’s response. There are many other examples of resentment online which have led to the brand taking a hit.

The same goes for advertising campaigns that gone wrong. That is why it is important to take Control of the narrative. A brand crisis on social media represents one of two things.

  • An underlying but prevalent opinion about the brand
  • A negative sentiment that has reached a watershed moment

The overlook and ignore strategy may not be recommended for social media with such rapid opinion shifting. Usually, the best way forward is to be honest and face it head-on by addressing the concerns or mistakes. Though it may seem counter-intuitive to give wind to conversations that may potentially harm your brand, that is the only method to take control of the narrative.

Social Brand Crisis Management

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It is worthy to note that brands cannot ignore a social media crisis.Always come ahead and address the problem. This action is essential called social brand crisis management. Especially when you are dealing with products, positive campaigns do not catch the snowball effect faster than negative reviews.

While dealing with a negative situation, always place yourself in consumer’s shoe and understand the situation at hand. Never confront but instead, respond by providing proof points in your favour. Plan before you make a move. One way you can do it is to feature parallel positive reviews. Boost your outreach accordingly and it will automatically impact your brand positively. Customer advocacy is the best evidence. If you are dealing with multiple products, it is best to leave the one product that is dealing with negative feedback alone for some time.

When the negative feedback is beyond your control, it is best to admit your mistake and talk about corrective measures, the policies in place to combat the issue etc.

Bringing Out the Opportunity in a Crisis

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An ideal scenario would be when a negative campaign can be turned into the brand’s favour. Never stop improving your product as negative publicity could be a turning point. There are enough case studies for you on ways to deal with crisis management. Should you require, you can study them to develop an emergency crisis-management protocol. Crisis situations can  be used as an opportunity to bring about a fundamental change to business direction and brand perception.

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