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Sharing her views on marketing with stints previously at ESPN Star Sports and BBC Worldwide (Hollywood), Debbe Lin, brand solutions manager of Brave Bison, a social video agency on multi-platforms is one successful story.

The evolution of online marketing is a stark contrast to her previous job scope. Now, she creates video campaigns and helps brands pair with influencers. Her job is simply concluded to paid brands with influencers and connect them to create content.

Job scope

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From pairing, conceptualisation to actual production, Brave Bison cares for them all. In her interview with lifestyleasia, her passion for online video marketing brims through her facial experessions as they question how influencer marketing can help brands considering the older generations? This shows that the target audiences are essentially the younger generations.

How has video changed marketing?

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Generally people are watching videos nowadays. Based on statistics, it is said that video will take up 79% of global internet traffic by 2020. Many people choose to watch videos to gain information and understand products. If brands hasn’t jumped onto the video production bandwagon, they should really be questioning why as it’s potential is so huge.

Why are people more reluctant to switch to online marketing?

It gets slow when people are trying to understand something new, or they simply do not where to start. Being curious humans, everyone wants to catch up on the trend, but the question of “how to start” remains stagnant for many generations. She shares that a bulk of her job scope is about educating and introducing brands about how social marketing on various platforms works. “I actually spend a lot of time hand-holding clients and teaching them about YouTube, Facebook, etc. Because if not it’ll be a case of, “So I’ve created content, now what do I do with it? How do I upload it”?

How do brands react to influencer marketing?

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Influencer marketing has been a trend for the past few years. Many curious traditional brands will ask, “How do you start working with them? How do you find them? How much do you pay them?” Influencer marketing fills many gaps traditional marketing previously couldn’t…

It is very important to stay informed on social media trends,ways to work with influencers, and to improve the effiency to content distribution.

Why is influencer marketing a trend?

Influencer marketing has been around for a while now and competition is heating up. The industry in Singapore is becoming increasingly saturated with more people and agencies joining the party. This may be the main reason that’s driving brands to look into it. They start to realise the goodness it brings.

How to accurately match influencers and brands?

Building authentic relationship between the influencer and brand is very important. Brands want to make content that people will engage with, that they want to share. I think the right fit is the expectations of both to match.

What kind of influencer content works best with audiences?

One content direction is travel content that works really well as it’s aspirational. This genre of content doesn’t really go out of date as people always want to have a sense of “escapism”. It is common to find people that loves travelling, so there’s always a destination people want to go to.

Will influencer marketing fail?

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Influencer marketing will fail if brands force a message or try to take creative control over influencers. It is hard for both agencies and influencers to work with brands that are inflexible and unreceptive. The influencer will always know their audience better. If you work with them in attempt to connect with their audience, you have to listen to them. Also, it is not really about the engagement on your content but the true statistics you get through one person to a full blast on a traditional ad. The results will be beneficial in your future product developments and marketing.

Always remember that there are different types of influencers out there — key opinion leaders, social media influencers, and celebrity influencers. It really depends on who you’re targeting.

When matching brands with the right influencer, always consult the brand first and then try to pair them up with the right one.

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