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How to make friends with social influencers

The power of social influencers

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Q: How did you get so muscular, and wealthy?

Influencer: “Oh, that’s easy, I use [brand name] + [product]!”

Isn’t it powerful to have someone singing praises from their real life experiences about your product while reaching out to your target audience? This 74% of social media consumers using it to get information shows what a competitive advantage you get with influencer marketing.

How do they help your brand?

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Through these influencers, they expose your brand to a wide range of audience,  improving your brand awareness. None of this happens when you don’t start working with an influencer. Here’s some ways you can start building a friendship and work with their useful social media platforms.

Find the right influencers

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Getting the right people is the first step to better engage them with your brand. To start this off, you can start finding influencers under the same category as your brand. You can use social blade to check the effectiveness of their profile. Social blade is a social analytic tool to see their outreach and engagement. Once you have finished shortlisting them, it will be worth the time to conduct a google search on them. It’s best to team up with someone with good reputation and is credited.

Start planning and build your network early

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Never wait for the day to form your team. As you know this industry is saturated, it is crucial to secure your team early for your campaign. Making your presence known on social media early expands your chances to engage them further down time.

Build personal relationships

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The key to stand out among the PR competition is for them to take an interest in you. Do not act friendly as though you know them, as this might turn them off. Be pleasant and warm when you approach them. Using social media platforms like Instagram DM for a more personal approach. You can also do a quick search to understand their current campaigns for conversation initiators. Always attempt to make your contact with the influencer personal, and this makes them feel better about why you specifically want them. Remember that influencers with good reputations always receives PR invites and promotional kits, take genuine interest in them!

Use your brand to attract them

If you want to increase the likelihood of them seeing the piece, you may want to write about them and tag their social profiles. This gives you both chan


ces to get on their radar and show them your perspective on them with real, relevant content of yours. This will also encourage conversations among your audience to tag them when you share the post. Another way is to integrate them into your content. Ways to do that includes interview, invite them to participate in your channel, or ask them to write about a topic. Influencers are likelier to share posts that features them to add to their c



The best way is to go back to the roots of social media, to get your users to send in questions. This shows that your brand is recognised and has a ready engaged community that the influencer would benefit from being exposed to.

It’s never one-sided, reciprocation is essential

reach out, hey, hello


The promotion of each other’s names on social media can go two ways. Share updates of influencers on your profile may be of interest to your audience, and this encourages profile visits. This is a special opportunity for you to show how influential your are, and start to attract them with your relevance. It will be good to give them more than what they ask for, and that really makes you different. This extra commitment will make them feel that they are benefiting from the deal which drives them to work with you.

Show them how good your product can be


It is all about being credible on social media, and their primary interest is to engage their audience. Your chances to engage top influencers are higher if you understand their needs and view your product in their shoes. Some background research may be useful for you to better engage them. Scroll through their feeds/blogs to know what products and brands they are regularly posting about. This act will give you insights to how you can attract them. When you contact them, you can reference real problems that may be solved with your product. If an influencer can help solve his/her audience’s common problem, it will greatly benefit them. Therefore, it is in their best interest to work with you.

We hope these tips will help you pave the route to building relationships with more than just customers. Start making a name for yourself with network with people who can help build your business in many ways. If you have any useful ways to build relationships with social influencers, do share it as comment with us!

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