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How influencer marketing redefined the marketing eco-system?

Power of influencer marketing on social media

influencer marketing

You might be aware of the power of social media marketing for your brand, but how many of you actually know how to use it effectively? Many brands goes to various influencers to engage them. Even so, last year, 84 percent of marketers declared that working with an influencer was in their pipeline for 2018. Now, with these 2 words being thrown out a lot during business meetings, it is fair for us to say that 2018 is the year for influencer marketing breakthrough.

The ability to choose is important


Consumers are given a choice to follow the personalities that best suit them on social media. Influencers are usually selected by engagement and followers. Let’s define these 2 terms for you.


Engagements are usually in the form of an action/comment by the audience or a reply to that.


It is the amount of people that follows (notices) an influencer

Categories of influencers with examples*.

*Not conclusive!

  • Funny

youtiao666, instagram, funny

With the local Singapore humour, @youtiao666 by 2 girls @bbychachki and @edgarallanhoe42069 has become a hit on Instagram. They started off by doing videos. This funny approach with a mixture of what entertains the locals is really what differentiates them in this field. Comparing them to usual reviews by other influencers, their advertisments are done up in a more exaggerated fashion. These captures attention and the advertisements are usually impressive. These ads are typically remembered, which increases the chances of word of mouth recommendations that ultimately drives purchase decisions. Although this is not the best way to attract people (as people may find it offensive), but if it works, why not!

Well, (almost) all of us like to look at pretty things, don’t we? First of all, visual aesthetics is extremely important on social media. You are eliminated within a second as users scroll through their feed. That means you only have that little time to attract your customers.

Before they see your feed, they first see your username, so…

  • Get a representative username

    • Since your username is the directory to have people find you, we recommend for a short and simple one
  • Pretty feed

    • To have a pretty feed, entirety is very important
    • One tip is to use a common filter/edit throughout so no photo will look out of place.
    • References: @beixin (minimalist), @spadely (foodie), @mongabong (uses the same filter throughout)
  • Be real, show who you are through your feed and captions

    • First of all, do not attempt to try too hard. Stay real is always the best plan on social media as trust is fragile.

Since “have you eaten” is a common question we use to initiate a conversation with someone, it really shows how important food is in our culture. Do you have any personal favourites on social media that slayed #foodporn and just makes you hungry with all the posts? *slurps*, here’s some we love.

  • Food influencers

@littlemissbento does up really nice work of art with food. As a resuly, she exceeds our expectations every time! Leaving us wondering how does someone convert her ingredients into such beautiful pieces. Check her out for some aesthetics, and fret not, they are real food. @explodingbelly is also another young lady with a decent following. Clara, a naitonal team basketballer is amazing. She proves that it is indeed possible to juggle work, passion and study at the same time. Consquently, her pirctures guarantees droolworthy cuisines. In addition, there’s what you will love- diet tips!

  • Put yourself out there

Next up we have another all time influencer that’s known for her direct comments and groundbreaking content. She’s non-other than Xia Xue! You can check out some of her content at these links below!

Xiaxue ft Dee Kosh expose using social blade

Before and After photoshopped photos of Xiaxue for 8days magazine (here’s before and after)

Plastic surgery video on Clicknetwork

More micro-influencers are joining in

The most influenced crowd would be the millennials. All in all, the power of micro-influencers on social media marketing is definitely improving as consumers are more willing to purchase products endorsed by a non-celebrity.

Why are they (influencers) so powerful?

power, gifs

We all know that these online personalities are doing an advertisements, but we never fail to check the products out! @cheserland is a cute mama that always share her homecooked recipes and mummyhacks! @bongqiuqiu also always shares about her personal experience in her captions with products she’s sharing…

Through these sharing, they thus, start building a friendly relationship with their audience. Through their frequent documentation of their daily lives on social media, consumers can therefore relate better. 

Success of social media marketing

Paid advertisements on social media are regarded more “authentic” because it’s as though getting recommendations from an online friend.

It’s really a skill to be this convincing, isn’t it!

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