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Influencer marketing in the fashion line

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The gradual invasion of the need of sharing has started the evolution of influencer marketing. This rise of social media has caused a controversy in the perspective of “influencer”. The yaysayers supports and are fans since the start of these online personalities. While we have the naysayers that quickly dismiss the efforts of pretty pictures as a genuine career. While this question of “is being an influencer a real job” exists, here are some highlights of what 3 Singapore instagram personalities has to say.

*courtesy of interview by buro247.

Q: How important is authenticity to you guys?
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Here we have Mae Tan aka @marxmae, extremely successful woman behind Surrender and Christian Dada, as well as Off-White‘s brick-and-mortar in Singapore. She says that she will never order something [pancakes] and not eat them.

While Savina Chai, creative director of Eight Slate cum business of fashion lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic shares that it may be true that she don’t eat the food she orders in her photos, but she get somebody who eats it to finish it, or she simply shares.

And then we have Nellie that knows what her audiences are looking for. She says that whether it’s an advertisements or not is becoming a big concern. It is hard to find the balance between work and personal life online. If you are required to share a promo code “quote my name for xx% off”, and you don’t speak that way in real life, people starts to get annoyed when they realise it’s a paid post.

People follow you for your personality or lifestyle, but not really for the promotions. And so Nellie thinks that it is extremely important to have a balance between paid advertisements and personal life. It will be best to work with brands that fit well with your lifestyle of personality. Authenticity in this case refers to your online personality and how you retain who you are through partnerships and posts.

Savina says that remaining authentic is a daily challenge for them. And the bridge to maintain content to fit the virtual style is important. The challenge remains as the importance to sell advertisements that feels true to them and yet appeal to their audience.

Q: There, what do these 3 ladies think people want to see more/less on Instagram?

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Mae think it’s more skin… While Savina thinks it works for certain people [haha!]

There goes Mae sharing her personal experience that more skin really works.

Mae: “I like to post photos without my face in them, and people do not like them”.

Wow… what’s your opinion, are people not appreciating the photo?

As people create content, it gets really infuriating that as much as a photo reflects a certain style, and it fits their personality, but not many likes it… It’s really hard to find that balance where a photo garners many likes with many people.

One common struggle is that the definition of “interesting” differs among people. The balance is hard to find among the diverse group of audience.

Q: What is your opinion of having a career solely relied on Instagram?

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Savina thinks that doing this full time is actually not easy. Out of the 3 ladies, only Nellie does it full time. For Savina, she is trying to sell this lifestlye that is picture perfect, but in fact, it is very different. Savina would prefer to pick out other skills from other areas, she’s always working on her professional skills and resume.

While Mae also agree with Savina, she adds that as much as Instagram is gaining big attention. There’s still a degree of uncertainty of “getting tired of it”. Especially that age is always a running figure, “would you still want to spend time trying to get approval from other people” in your 30s and 40s?

Nellie says that she get this question all the time and she is one of those that treats this as their career. She claimed that it wasn’t an easy decision. She started from a digital advertising background and she is clear on how business and brands work. 3 years into her job, she decided to try it because if not now, then when? It was a very uncomfortable decision, hence she decided to work very very hard at it to make it work. She says that it will be sustainable if you make it so. She saysthat she is very clear with the steps she was going to take to get to where she is today.

Applause for this young lady right here! She seems to know where she is heading towards, keep doing you girl! When you quit or simply start to pursue online marketing, people may be disapproving. It is definitely not a easy choice, but these 3 ladies made it!

With this day and age of the “obsession to share”, content consumption has never been so high. Is the market potential still growing, and will it be an industry that will die out soon? What do you think?

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