Power of influencer marketing

What is Influencer marketing all about?

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Unlike regular passive advertising approach, where people have the choice to ignore or take it with the obvious intention to sell. Influencer advertising is like a recommendation by the friend who you trust. It is that extra “oh, I didn’t know” that pushes your purchase decision.

Social media in Singapore

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Singaporean social media usage statistics are at a skyhigh. The country also trump global smartphone penetration, with a ratio of 9 in 10 having access to a smartphone. Therefore, really, the way to own a successful business in Singapore is through social media. The fastest route is engage social influencers, and inspire through these social advocates.

Importance of social media influencers

They are very important to reach your target audiences. 74% of consumers rely on social networks in their purchases, this shows how powerful social media is. It is a growing area where brands need to start focusing on to maximise sales in Singapore.

How did influencer marketing come about?

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The fashion of influencer marketing is the digital version of the old fashioned “word of mouth”. It’s time to switch up your marketing game start catching up with your competitors in using the current most powerful influencers. Let them know you want to work with them! One way could be through sending the PR kits- showcasing your products with personalised handwritten cards!

However, it’s not all rosy for influencer marketing. Based on the trust, if you/influencer fail to deliver what you/they promised, devastating effect is expected.

Why is influencer marketing winning?

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As a status-driven society, millennials in Singapore follow influencers as role models on the trends. The reminding importance of third party recommendations is why influencer marketing is winning the game. Therefore, it is very important to never fail these expectations.

Statistics in Singapore

One interesting fact is that Singapore is one of the most socially connected countries in the world! According to a survey by Deloitte’s Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), people in Singapore use instant messages more frequently to other countries in South-east Asia. Females are more active users, and Singapore clocked the highest usage frequency with 79% over 7 days.

Although engaging with these social influencers can be challenging, but it’s definitely rewarding. If you own a quality product or service, these influencers will become your best brand advocates.  

Why social media marketing is the way to go?

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Tapping into social media marketing will not be a wrong choice in Singapore where it’s people place high trust in word of mouth. With word of mouth advertising, products/services endorsed by a celebrity, friends, or respected influencers enjoy surge in purchases. Budgeting into social marketing early is not only wise, but important for your brand’s campaigns.

In conclusion, start to include social influencers in your public relations. It is important to remember that they are humans not tools! Build connection not sequence. Be extra sensitive in managing and developing influencers into powerful brand advocates.

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