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Influencer marketing: 2018 edition

Influencer marketing: The power of word of mouth

Recommendations from family and friends rank first as the most trusted advertising format. Two-thirds of people trust consumer opinions online. 

What makes the foundation of a successful influencer campaign?

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If you think the three foundations for a successful influencer campaign are reach, relevance and engagements, then you are wrong. The advertising landscape is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. People are continuously attemptting to outdo themselves in consumer interactions. Now with connectivity and convenience, we access information mainly on phones. In this world of choices, it can be difficult for brands to decide where to start placing the budget. Let’s start from some trends to make it easier for you.

Growth in paid media engagements platforms

In this industry of paid digital advertisements, promoting influencer content is not simple like word-of-mouth organic growth. Instead, there are other paid media platforms for you to gain that extra engagements.

For example, you can identify receptive audiences on Facebook who are highly likely to click on a compelling blog post than a sales advertisement.

New things are coming!

The growing consumer trend in seeking to build a relationship with the proliferation of social media correlates with the rise in experiential marketing. This year, we will start seeing more brands attempting to turn to experiential marketing to engage and drive sales through influencers content. More visual content such as videos and photos will be highly utilised for marketing campaigns in an attempt to influence purchase decisions.

Instagram algorithm

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Running instagram advertisements will continue to be challenging with the ever changing algorithm. Instagram’s algorithm is a platform with interesting codes to crack. As social media platforms constantly change their algorithm rules, it makes it difficult for influencers as they have to figure out the system out and these unintended consequences makes it hard for influencers to maximise their ability to reach their loyal followers. Although we can understand that the policies are kept in place to keep instagram a safe marketplace, and hiccups should be expected. The roll out of branded content tool on Instagram is a start to watch out for how instagram is trying to fit content creators, marketers and customers on it’s platform.

Influencer marketing agencies will get a fair share of this treat

This has taken some time for brands and marketing people to engage agencies for consultations. The value in influencer content is becoming more apparent. Using specialised agencies can bring along the true value, reaching out to the right audience. The result is a win-win situation! As more effective and memorable campaigns will be out to attract customers.

Build a healthy relationship with your influencers

build, relationship

You have selected people to represent you. If they are giving positive results, it is important to maintain a good relationship with them. Keep your options open and build bridges with all influencers. Since you never know when you need them for your different campaigns!

Strengthening trust will spark more trust and better campaigns. Followers follow and recognises brands through recommendations by influencers. Due to the trust from an influencer in your brand, this flow will bring you positive income.

Seems like Influencer marketing is not stopping soon…

Now with more companies reevaluating their resources, accessing other areas in attempt to be more strategic in using influencers. Agencies can now try new strategies through high volume campaigns and attention amplifiable programs. Find your best one today!

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