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Do’s & Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

What to DO…..what NOT to do…?

I guess most of us know how the influencer industry works…..but do you know them well enough?

Here are some do’s and don’ts about influencer marketing you should take note of if you’re thinking of engaging one of em’!


1. Choose your influencer wisely 

influencer You wouldn’t wanna choose any Tom, Dick, or Harry to speak on behalf of your brand. Find someone that your brand can relate closely to, and vice versa, one that could relate closely to your brand.

It is important to find a suitable fit that could relay the accurate message you would like to send across to your target audience. Additionally, to ensure that their followers are the potential consumers your brand is reaching out to! Otherwise, it’s almost equivalent to attempting to purchase chicken rice from a fish soup stall. Does it make sense? No.

2. Check their credentials


Make sure you do a thorough screening of their credentials too! Such as their past advertorials, brands they’ve worked with before, their general engagement rates, responses, and so on.

Finding the right fit also includes safeguarding your brand’s reputation with the influencer’s reputation. If they’ve been having a bad name in the industry, there’s not much justification to be engaging them for your brand since credibility will then be low-hanging.

3. Be nice

how rude

Ahem, basic manners. You paying them to speak for your brand does not mean they are the direct employees that you can order around. So to speak, even if they ARE your direct employees, that’s not the right way to treat people too.

Be courteous, respectful, and not a snob. We can’t see a clear distinction why you should be ranked above them.

4. Appreciate their effort


Influencers are human beings too. If you’re thinking how ‘easy’ or ‘relaxing’ it is to be an influencer, it is not (well, at least for those who are passionate about it).

Most people possess the stereotype that influencers just need a presentable face, knows how to pose for photos, and updates their social media sites regularly. Easy peasy!

Little did you know that behind every shot or video crafted, hours of hard work have been placed into creating quality content for your brand, even down to the nitty-gritty details.

They’re constantly making sure they have a meaningful story to tell, that can effectively capture and appeal to their audiences.

Again, we have to stress that not all influencers are as thoughtful to go the extra mile, but we’re sure you have the caliber to identify those who are worth appreciating.

Just a simple “We appreciate your effort” or “Thank you” means a lot too!


1. Limit their creativity 


Some of them are really creative and talented individuals that can produce innovative content, successfully engaging most of their followers.

Try not to give them step by step instructions and insist on doing things your way. The way you want it might not be what the audience wants to look at, and you can be pretty sure they do understand their audience’s preferences.

Leave it to them, sky’s the limit! Let the ideas flow!

2. Expect them to know everything

i don't know

Influencers are not mind-readers. You shouldn’t expect them to know everything about your brand as well as the meaning behind the messages your brand is conveying.

Be sure to provide a clear and concise brief, including details of your brand’s background story, the purpose of the campaign, introduction to the product, important pointers to take note of, and so on.

The more information, the better! Only with a better understanding could these influencers propose relevant and suitable ideas to promote your brand.

3. Try to take advantage

don't do it

Tracing back up, basic manners! Please do not try to take advantage of their payout and cutback their remuneration.

It is essential to pay the influencers competitively, most of the time based on market rates or their engagement rates. Paying competitively helps to maintain a steady pool of influencers who are willing to work for you.

Being a stingy client earns your brand nothing but a bad reputation within the industry. Cut unethical thoughts off your mind.

4. Treat them like obligated money trees

money tree

Yes, you’re hiring them to speak for your brand, and influencer marketing has been known for driving enormous positive returns.

However, you should not pin your entire hopes on them to generate mind-blowing figures. If things are not working out, instead of pushing the death button on them, maybe you should take time to re-access your brand too. “Does our product actually appeal to our target audience?” “Is it an effective product?” “It is user-friendly?”

Influencers do the job of getting the word out and spreading awareness about your brand. The rest lies on how effective your product really is. You have to be worthy of what others are saying about you!


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