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8 Online Personalities Worth Checking Out on Instagram

Who to keep a lookout for on Instagram…?

Alright, so you’re bored now, you decide to open up Instagram, scrolled through all the photos on your feed, viewed all the Instastories available, and reluctantly concede to the boredom that’s taking over you.

10 minutes later, clearly knowing you’ve just browsed it, your finger reflex unknowingly lands on the purplish rainbow square (or however you wanna describe it). Hands up, those who can relate to #boredomtakeover!

You’re officially down with the InstaAddiction and you can’t help it. We totally get it.

Instagram has tons of photos that fall into multitudes of categories. Pets…food…landscapes…fashion…entertainment…sports.…you name it.

We’ve identified 8 personalities worth your time to check them out! Keep scrolling, don’t miss out!


  1. @darylaiden 


A locally-based photographer who only stepped into the industry less than 2 years ago, Daryl established an extensive portfolio for himself within this short period of time. It’s no easy-peasy! He’s also constantly on the go with new ideas with his ever-flowing creative juices. Be ready to ‘wow’ with his fascinating shots!

2. @bobbykiranyeo

Well, you’ve probably heard of Bobby. He specializes in wedding photography and has earned himself a great reputation over the past years. Though wedding photographers are pretty common, somehow Bobby manages to bring the unique essences out of different couples.

It’s definitely not the usual ‘safe’ wedding shots. For those who are planning to get married, you may wanna check him out. Even if you’re not, (like me), no harm admiring the shots!


3. @heyrozz

You might have known Rozz as a Radio DJ previously from 987FM and Lush 99.5FM, but apart from her job scope, she actually has a pretty great eye for photography too!

Now that she’s stepped out of the radio scene, she’s been on a traveling streak. Rozz goes out of the ordinary and has a story to tell about every shot. You’ll know what’s unique about her when you see it for yourself. We love the drone shots!

4. @jemmawei


A blogger/host based in Singapore, Jemimah keeps her Instagram active about her daily lifestyle. She’s constantly on the go, and it’s fun to catch up on what’s on her plate lately.

Her Instastories are a joy to look at, especially when she’s overseas! You get real-time updates from her chirpy self, and she’s always happy to share her travel experience!


5. @ms_rach

Co-founder of Love, Bonito, Rachel Lim, holds a strong stand for empowering confidence amongst women. You can get frequent updates from her feed regarding the latest collection/sales launched on Love, Bonito.

Being a strong representation of her brand, Rachel is always decked in its clothing and rocking it.

6. @valerie_wang

She’s an artistic individual that equipped herself with multiple skills! Previously an Art Major from LASALLE, Valerie made good use of her expertise and established her very own fashion/leather craft brand, Store Unda.

Amazingly, she does everything on her own! From designing down the way to the mailing process, she’s on it. Find sneak peaks of her collections and behind-the-scenes on her feed!


7. @soniachew

Currently a Radio DJ at 987 FM, Sonia’s fun-loving nature keeps your feed juiced up! This gorgeous one is never afraid to share her embarrassing moments and chooses to embrace it instead. She’s bold, adventurous and full of beans! P.S. If you’re a big fan of puns and jokes, she’s the one to crack you up.


8. @youtiao666

Need a good laugh? We’re pretty sure these 2 ladies will make your day. Their unprecedented sense of humor is indeed one of a kind.

Winding back up to 2015 when they first released a video of themselves goofing around to the song “Lean On”, it made a pretty big hit on Facebook and they’ve been on track since then. Oh and if you haven’t heard about them, they’re one of the very few who does hilarious Dubsmash videos!  (well in our eyes, at least).

It’s gonna be quite a hassle to scroll way back, so here’s a shortcut to their first video: click here

(you’re welcome)







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