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Interesting Influencer Marketing Singapore Campaigns 2018

What is an influencer?

It can be anyone with a large following across social media platforms (such as Instagram/Facebook). It can also be a well-known blogger or even a journalist.

They are always on a lookout for brands and new content to generate, brands partnering with them will far more likely gain significant credibility and increase in ROI.

Interesting Influencer Marketing Singapore campaigns

Instagram has freshly defined the way users browse their feeds. Its no longer based on chronological order but now delivers posts in an order that it best feels meet a user’s’ browsing pattern.

  • NTUC income’s “Retiring” campaign

influencer marketing singapore

Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim, who announced on her social media platforms that she was retiring close to the date of her Star Awards Best Actress win. This was actually NTUC Income’s “Retiring” campaign in 2016 starring financial plans targeting young Singaporeans.

  • Uber “unlocking cities” campaign

uber, traffic, congestion

This campaign is aiming to reduce traffic in Asia’s most congested cities. At the high expense of owning a car, Singapore hasn’t suffered the same degree of congestion as its neighbours, however, the issue of parking in the local market has been a common problem. Here’s what Uber Singapore has come up with!

Partnering with local influencers like @iammichellechong to post pictures of the parking space on social media.Here’s a sneak peek of how it looks like!

One of the biggest woes faced by Singaporean drivers is limited parking spaces. Although this move was intended as a funny prank, the message was clear.

Other than parking spaces, Uber has also engaged many other influencers to promote the main idea of “traffic congestion” on social media platforms such as Instagram.

This video showing people driving round in cardboard boxes in Bangkok reflecting the attitude and real-life stimulation of how bad traffic congestions can be.

Many influencers such as @mykxii, @ohsofickle, @euniceannabel and @melissackoh and more are engaged to promote the message by Uber.

Showing its commitment in creating better cities through promoting fewer and fuller cars (like uberpool), Uber engages its market through local humour that is relatable for many to start conversations with their peers and families whether car ownership is still a need or a want.  

Anyhow, the question of the day is do you think a city can ever be traffic jam-free?

  • Operator Circles.Life promoting its S$20 for 20GB data plan

operator, phone,

Local social media influencer Youtiao666 gave Singaporeans a rude shock when they vandalised and filmed an SGmobile advertisement at Bugis MRT station. The situation went a bit like this:

The fictional SGmobile stamped the veracity of this vandalism through sending clips to media outlets as Vulcan Post, Stomp, and The Independent.

This telco also pushed the realism fader up by releasing a fictional statement on its Facebook page acknowledging the vandalising act and vowing to condone this act of sabotage and will take action.

This fictional site and social media account have been updated to inform of the publicity stunt by while the outdoor media materials have been replaced with the $20 for 20GB campaign.

Influencer marketing tips

influencer, social media, phone

Ever came across a tagged sponsored post on your Instagram feed while scrolling through?

Or when you type keywords into the google search bar, suggested blog posts come up as the top few suggestions links. Influencers. They play an enormous role in marketing today. It is always recommended for you to look into them as an option.

However, a lot of brands face a tough turmoil into confusing the actual way to evaluate the suitable candidates for your brand. How do you gauge results?

Here’s how:

  • Evaluate the audience

Evaluate very carefully who are following the influencer you are considering. Are they your target market? Is this audience suitable for your business and in the long run, contribute to your sales?

  • Assess their engagement

Look past the numbers shown on the profiles, and seriously consider the actual engagement happening in each individual posts.

Firstly, the engagement is what percentage of their overall followers? How many have seen the posts and have captured the message you are trying to deliver through the influencer?

Next, you need to look at each of these interactions from a qualitative standpoint. This is to judge if the interactions are just superficial or the following are actually engaged and are interested.  

  • Evolve

Set your goals and consistently assess the effectiveness of these people. Make sure the goals set are being met. 

As your business grows and your goals evolve, the type of influencers you are working with may differ. Just like other campaigns, you would like to recruit new faces venturing into a new direction right? The same goes for influencers, and this is important to keep in mind.

  • Set a bottom line

Influencers can be an effective way to build brand awareness and equity, especially towards a targeted audience.

Make sure everything you do links back to your original goals at hand. And let your marketing direction evolve together with your business.

Beat that algorithm, and build your own empire.

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